‘I’ve been sitting in a cold cell for 3.5 weeks without my personal property.’

Dear Joe,

What’s going on? I hope you’re content. I just got your letter, yesterday. The same day you said that yall had a call-in for my at C.P. [Central Prison in Raleigh, NC] they sent me back to Alexander. Since they sent me back over here they’ve been holding all of my personal property at Receiving (in-take).

On February 10th, 2017, I was transferred back to Alexander. At approximately 2:00am (Feb. 11th, 2017) officer Snyder & officer Spaventa came to my cell door with half of a bag of my personal property. Keep in mind that I have a total of 42 bags of personal property. Now, when they came to my cell door they only tried to give me three personal letters, my radio, my shower shoes, and a few books. So, I was like, ‘where’s the rest of my personal letters, and why aren’t you letting me get the amount of letters that I’m entitled to have according to policy and procedure.’ They told me that I was only allowed to have three personal letters and that the rest of my letters were being stored. But, when I looked on the DC-160 (inmate personal property inventory) form my personal letters weren’t logged. Therefore, I told them I wasn’t signing the form. Any time a prisoner signs the DC-160, they are agreeing to the accuracy of the inventory. Being that my inventory was inaccurate I didn’t sign it, and if I would have signed it, that would mean that I’m saying the inventory is accurate, so if anything would be missing, the liability would fall back on me. Do you see my vision?

In the process of all this I told the above officers that I needed my legal work, due to my pending cases, and the cases that I’m in the process of filing. They told me that I wasn’t entitled to have my legal work and that it would be placed in storage also. Due to the fact that I didn’t sign the DC-160 forms they took all of my personal property and placed it at receiving.

So, I’ve been sitting in a cold cell for 3.5 weeks without my personal property. In which I’m not able to write my friends, family, and associates. I would not have been able to write you had you not have written me, because I don’t have any of my letters! I’m not able to do my law work, nor practice my religious beliefs. On 2-11-17, at night I spoke to Sgt. Murphy (the above officers’ supervisor) about my personal property, in which I told him that I needed to write to my family, friends, and associates; and that I needed to do my legal work. He told me I wasn’t getting my property because I didn’t sign the DC-160’s, and that his officers told him I didn’t have any pending cases. So I said, ‘if you don’t believe me, then go get my personal property and I’ll show you.’ He declined to go get my personal property. On or about 2-16-17, I spoke with the unit manager (Mr. Art Siciak) on Lower Red Unit, which is where I’m being housed. I addressed the same issue to him, and he told me the same thing as Sgt. Murphy. I addressed the issue to the superintendent (Mr. Eric Dye) also. He never responded to my letters. I’ve written the Director of Prisons twice about the situation, and didn’t receive a response. I have a grievance in process about the issue, and I still haven’t received my personal property! I went on a hunger strike on 2-19-17 for 7.5 days and these people still won’t give me my belongings!

This is an attempt to get me to act out of character, so they’ll have a reason to keep my property and keep me in segregation. It’s also racial discrimination because there was a white guy across the hall from me who they let get over 60 large envelopes of his legal mail, yet they wouldn’t let me keep one!

Besides these facts they are refusing to let me or any inmate go outside for recreation while being housed in Lower Red Unit. Plus, they don’t let us clean our cells! I’ve been in this cell approximately a month, and have been denied my personal property, outside recreation, cell cleanup, and my special wash. These issues need to be addressed. My main concern right now is my personal property. Then, my special wash (for my skin), cell clean-up and outside recreation. I need you to organize a call-in ASAP. This shit is crazy, bro. I would highly appreciate your help.


Stanley Corbett Jr.

a.k.a “Natural”


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