Allen gets his gain time back



You what’s happenin, bro. Are you doing okay. I am doing wonderful, I have finally made it off of long term and I am in the process of getting gain time and merit days back. This has been a rocky road and I am glad you and the IWOC was ridin with me the last few years. You dont know how important these letters, books and care made a impact on my life. I was in a very dark place and I still go back to that place at times due to my surroundings. There are men that act like kids, COs that just refuse to help me but only hinder my progress in rehabilitation.

I have made major changes in my life but what is the problem is the environment and how the next person acts towards me. There are a lot of individuals that it is just about being gangsta. When, if you cant conduct yourself as a man you are already a failure. This is my word I am going to come out there, when I get out I just need to get myself together when I get out, a couple of months for myself to enjoy my freedom and get myself back situated in the world.

I should have a job it will be at a junkyard though but it is a step towards a legitimate income. What has been going on out there, I really haven’t heard about any more cops killing innocent people. If they want to kill some people there are a lot they can kill at Lanesboro CI and on state prisons in NC. There are nothing but a ass load of rats and rapist/child molesters, smell me. They shouldn’t never see the other side of the fence again. But there are a lot of brothas I have spoke to that need another chance at society. But have a lot of years of Natural life. I have a couple of there names and I will try to help them as much as possible when I get out. Yo the world is really fucked up man, I really dont know how to explain the shit that goes on, I just want to get as far away from here and the encounters as possible. The war in the world isnt Black and white or Police versus citizens not an of that, it is jealousy, envy, greed. It is a mental bottle because someone always believe they are better than the next. I never put myself over another person until they throw shade my way but I am not talkin bout to much now. All I need to know is how the movement and yall are doing. Also if you have any smart, conservative women striving toward success, that are willing to hold a brotha down the last couple of months tell them to get at me.


Allen Littlejohn III


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