Allen on the loneliness of prison

Zach & Joe

What’s happening. Me still doing this time & trying to keep a stable mind. You asked how things are going well it is a living hell. Inadequate Medical care & they refuse to assign me to a job so I can make my min. release date, In 5 months. I am already apart of the IWW. I respect the movement but there is only so much I can do in the current situation I am in “lockedup.” I do need you all to reach out for me to some it is my close friend “Koren Robinson” I lost all contact with him before my incarceration. If you could find a # or to contact him it would be a blessing. But other than that I can take everything. Well my civit suit just got dismissed even though I was inadequately treated medical wise but I guess the white man gets to keep me down. But that is nothing. I can re-file anytime now because I met the requirements and statute of limitations.

But this time has been lonely no family supporter a woman to hold a real brotha down. Kinda drove me crazy because people just said fuck me. I am happy to know that people really wasn’t in my corner because they could have used me for personal gain. So as of now I am looking for real friends & family. Do you know of any pen-pal websites as well as any type of friends that can help me mail issues & uplift a brotha soul. I thank you also for asking how I am because I haven’t been asked that in a while. Well my fellow convicts & brothas check up on me but not anyone who has access to the world. The black sista has really let me down. She plays a good game but the truth came to light. Loyalty & Love is a lifestyle & see carries neither one of those qualities. This time has really been depressing & frustrating cause me to look at the world differently & not know who to trust. This has caused paranoia, & other mental problems. But all & all I am in good shape. I just wish I wasn’t confined to steel & concrete because there is so much injustice out there. It has calmed down a lil bit but what took place is ridiculous such as police brutality & all other things media & government are keeping under the radar. I am no actor or faker. I act on situations & what is at hand & taken place I would be killing because I was forced to do shit. I sit back & think how we allow these things to go on as black men it shouldn’t go with consequences & makes me feel less of a man & seems as brothas are for self benefit only & not united. That’s why we will remain in a state we are because we only think for self. Brotha I pray for your safety as well as everyone. I tried peace, love & all but I didn’t get results we needed as a whole so there’s no choice in what has to be done one step at a time Again thank you for your letter & feel free to write whenever.


Allen Littlejohn


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