Allen requests assistance in his disciplinary process



I am in need of your help my friend. You know I am in a terrible Place & they are attempting to take advantage of me. They are fully aware of me being habitual status & attempting to get me to actions. They have pushed my release date back for no reason. I was on 9-29-17 but now they have pushed my release date back to 1-11-18 for no reason “I’ve not received a infraction” so what is the reason behind these games. Can you look into it for me because this is serious. I am not tryn to do a day more than this. I’ve been gone nearly 6 years & they haven’t took enough yet. My last case manager told me release was 9-29-17 only 3 months ago now it’s jumped for no reason. But other than these small obstacles in my path I am doing fine are you aight I hope. I am also tryn to get away from this prision. It is the worst on state & they are attempting to keep me in Ses [?] because they can’t tame or break me. Tell everyone I sent my love & they are in my prayers.

Sincerely Allen Litteljohn III

Ed: We spoke with Allen’s case manager and he was not forced to re-serve the days he’d already logged in his program. 


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