Allen speaks on disunity in NC prisons



Peace & Blessings, I received your letter & appreciate you writing back. I am doing okay, what about yourself & the fellow workers. I am going to advertise the movement to multiple inmates but as I say there is no unity in the State of N.C. The devil is at work with a lot of dem or some just don’t care what they so through as long as it isn’t them being oppressed. You don’t have to come visit me or come to court dates because hopefully I don’t have anymore & the visit is way out of your way and you can do more for yourself & others with the time you have on your hands. I am getting my mental intext & I am getting spiritually grounded for my return to society. I have made mistakes & have done dumb things but I have learned from those same decisions. What I have learned & the power I have will mainly go up against oppression & the destruction going on out there now. There wasn’t much of police brutality & killings when I was out but the last 5 1/2 years there has been numerous acts of violence from Police. I don’t believe we as colored People aren’t going about it the right way. I know petitions, complaints & writings to higher officials can change some of what is going on. I would like to help as much as Possible but I don’t know how to take the way our people come off on situations. “I am speaking on some people talk to hear themselves & be in the lime light without really caring what the out come is.” Why a brotha such as myself will sacrifice everything I have for what I believe in. As of now I can’t even trust people of my color because those have been the same ones to have, snitched, or been then primary source of the downfall. I let you know because you have reached out & attempted to lift my spirits & stand with me. I don’t have that much longer in prison so we need to stragize on how we will overcome all of these obstacles that have been thrown in our path because we still live in Modern day slavery. How do you believe I can be a factor & I will do so because I have all I want & desire but I see totally different to those who are of my complexion [?]. I attempt to speak to brothas about what is going on & try to inspire a movement but they are about “SELF” gain. So why would we allow that kind of spirit to possibly brings us down with them. Some are miserable, some just don’t want to think & stay stagnant. I pray & hope all of this comes to an end but people aren’t living to God’s will & the devil is taking full advantage of it by attaching the same or innocent bystanders. There is more to what’s going on & the devil had me blinded for a while but now I can see. I don’t want to bore you with what I have on my mind because I can write for days but just keep me in tune to with how the movement is rolling & what is really going on out there. The last Place Koren Robinson lived was Cary, NC. But that was years ago. Thank you for all you have done & will do for me. You & the people will be in my prayers but you also have to do God’s will yourself & praise him.

Much Love.

Allen Littlejohn III



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