Bogus disciplinary infractions

Dear Joe,

How are you? I hope content. I’m writing you in reference to the most recent infraction that I’ve been set up with, which is not including the ones before it. On 4-19-17, I asked Officer Anderson if he would pass an envelope & a newspaper to another inmate, & he said, “yes.” He turned around & checked the envelope, in which he turned the contents over to his supervisor. The contents were a 4 page legal document of my case that I’m incarcerated for, and three letters from the prison coordinator at the Allah School in Mecca located in Harlem, New York.

I was sending this to another inmate in the cell block because I was trying to get some legal advice concerning my case, and I wanted him to read what the prison coordinator had to say in concerns of my precious letters to him. Well, on 4-28-17, the unit manager for the Restrictive Housing Unit, “Kenneth Poteat,” brought me an “Offense & Disciplinary Report” paper. I asked him what was it for because I was never informed of any disciplinary infraction, nor given the opportunity to dispute it, write a statement, request for witnesses, or gather evidence. I informed Mr. Poteat of these facts, & he claimed that Sergeant Biecker read me my rights. I was never read my rights, period. Therefore, I told Mr. Poteat to review the video footage (from 4-25-17), so that he could see that I was never read my rights.

The disciplinary infraction that Mr. Poteat brought to me on 4-28-17 was an “A-14,” which is “participating in SRG (gang) activities.” So, they took the legal document from my case, & the letters from the prison coordinator at the Allah School in Mecca, and said that it’s SRG (a.k.a. STG) or gang activities. The letters are from “Master Shamar Significant Allah” who is a representative (prison coordinator) of the Nation of Gods & Earths (a.k.a. The 5% Nation of Islam). Which is not a gang! Yet, I am being labeled as a gang member—I don’t even like gangs! In which you should already know this fact. Although, I respect everybody, & am friends with some gang members. Besides this, I haven’t spoken to any Intelligence Officer about an Inmate SRG file concerning me. This is just another way to control my mail, & attack my character.

As far as, the NGE they’re not a gang anyway! It’s an extension of the Nation of Islam, in which they have charter schools all over United State of America. The main school is in Harlem, NY. The address is:

Allah School in Mecca

Attn: Master Shamar

2122nd 7th Ave.

New York, NY 10027

I can’t find the phone number at the moment, but you can get it off the internet. Should you seek to learn more about this culture you can read two cases where inmates won in Federal Court in new York & Michigan. I need you to read these


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