Some of Stanley’s personal belongings returned; he is intentionally harassed


Dear Joe,

How are you? I hope fine. I wrote you not to[o] long ago. I finally got my personal property on 3-26-17. But, I was missing some of my legal mail as well as personal letters. Since then, they have stopped my mail. Which is their way of retaliating against me for people protest on my behalf, & due to the fact that I’ve written grievances & letters complaining about their illegal conduct. Therefore, when you get a chance organize a call-in for me to stop them from withholding my mail, denying me food, & setting me up with frivolous infractions. These are all tactics they are using to try to provoke me to do something serious, so they’ll have a reason to justify keep me on lockup.

Let me clarify what I’m saying. These people are constantly depriving me of things that I’m supposed to have, intentionally. While knowing that I’m not just going to let them treat me any kind of way. For example, a lot of times when my diet (food tray) isn’t correct, when I address the problem to the officer, the officer fails to correct the problem. Then, when I request to see the supervisor, the officer(s) fail to notify the supervisor (sergeant); therefore, now, I (& others) am let to hold the food passage door (on the door), kick the door, or do some other act that I’m not supposed to do – just to get the supervisor inside of the cell block to address the problem. A lot of times if I (or others) don’t do anything to get the supervisors attention, then I (or others) don’t get to eat—or go to recreation, shower, or clean up our cells, or whatever the issue may be. Then, a lot of times when I (or others) do get the supervisors attention, they come with a disciplinary infraction the same or next day. But, the whole time they know the problem; failed to address the problem; started the contr[o]versy; then blame it on you (me or others). Do you see my vision? This Is ”one” of the reasons why a lot of inmates are committing suicide, cutting themselves (or others), hunger striking, and doing anything to try to deter or bring justice to the situation. A lot of guys that they are using these torture tactics on are mental health patients! The administration knows this is going on; yet, they are failing to stop it. Why? Because it’s a scheme to generate revenue for the state! And if you have any resistance, like me, it’s a tactic to try to discourage or break you, and keep you from challenging this inhumane treatment.

Peace & Love


P.S. I hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime, I’m striving to get moved to another plantation. “I sent this letter through a friend.”


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