Stanley requests a call-in because his mail and food is tampered with


Dear Joe,

What’s going on? I haven’t heard from you in a while. I received the Flood Gates newsletter a few days ago. I appreciate you helping me expose this unjust plantation. I currently have a grievance in process about my personal property that was confiscated, & never returned to me. These people (officers Synder, Falliner, & Walker, including Sgt. Lancaster) have stopped all of my mail from my family, friends, & associates. It’s another form of retaliation, in which their striving to keep me from communicating with society, due to the fact that I’m letting the public know what’s going on in here.

I need you & anyone else that can help me to call this facility, and speak to Mr. Marshall about getting me transferred or swapped. Mr. Marshall is the transfer coordinator at this facility. When an inmate is swapped that means their switched with another inmate at another facility. Therefore, I need you/yall to call-in & speak to him & “Mr. Eric dye” (assistant superintendent), about getting me transferred (or swapped). Man, it’s gotten o the point where someone is tampering with my soy milks. A lot of times the top of the containers are opened & glued back on, in which the soy milk is two different liquids one a goldish color & the other is a tanish color.

Overall, I’m just striving to maintain & stay focused. I’ve been also bothered by the news that I heard a few days ago. In Lexington, NC, they found a black girl hung in a tree! I was so traumatized that I didn’t get to get the girl’s name. I’m from Lexington, so that sh*t really bothers me. Oh the news their saying that the police are calling it suicide. How many black (or any kind of) people do you know that’s going to hang themselves in a tree, in society? NONE!! I think that there needs to be a thorough investigation into this case. I also feel that people are overlooking what happened. This is a lynching! Lexington is filled with racism & racist people. Have you heard about this case? Check into this when you get a chance. Because your voice does matter.

Peace & Love

Knowledge G.

a.k.a. “Natural “

P.S. I hope to hear from you soon. I sent this letter through an associate to ensure that you received it. If you write me back send it to my name.


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