Stanley’s birthday



How are you? I hope good. Today is my birthday, so I’m just striving to take it easy. I just wrote you a few days ago. I hope you got the letter. I don’t mind you using my name in reference to my struggle. I appreciate you sending me the new newsletter. I’m about to read it when I finish writing this letter. Thanks for your love & support.

When you get a chance contact the BRLP (in California), & let them know about the march. The person that you need to contact is Wolverine Shakur a.k.a. TACO. The BRLP are doing the same things that we do. His number is 323-289-4457, & the email address is Tell him that you got the information from me. Him & his people are dedicated to the struggle. If you don’t want to contact him, then have the founder of iamWE contact him, & let him know about what’s going on.

Man, I’m ready for August, bro. I can feel it in my soul. It will open the eyes of the masses. I’m sure you are ready too. Did you watch the Super Bowl? It was thebest one that I’ve ever watched. I went for Tom Brady (New England), but I’m not an Atlanta, nor New England, fan. My team is the Panthers. “Much Love & Solidarity!!”

Peace & Love,


P.S. I hope to hear from you soon.


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