Dennis’s first letter


First and foremost, thank you for reaching out to me, you have no idea how much it means to me! I’ve written so many organizations who regularly publicize their desire for members, activists, and contributors; only to not have them respond at all! Enclosed you will find my completed membership application. Would you please send more membership applications in your next letter, there are quite a few people here who are very interested in joining!

There is an epidemic in our society, especially within our Criminal Justice system. It seems as if society as a whole is appalled, not with the social, economic, political and psychological conditions that results in economic stagnation, social dysfunction, crime and delinquency; but rather the individual that these issues produce: the Criminal. An inclusive study on the uses of incarceration (not to mention crime as a whole) in Western civilizations reveals that cheap labor sources has usually been the main focus of criminal justice reform. The main issue that I’m attempting to address within North Carolina is helping many people understand the need to unionize prison labor. The need for a collective voice is tottering on desperation at the moment.

Many issues raised concerning many issues we face usually fall on deaf ears because there is no dedicated support system in which we can rely on. Many of us have families that are willing to try, however, because of others obligations, they are unable to commit the necessary time and effort. I am attempting to change this. You have permission to publish my contact information in your directory as well as furnish it to as many activists possible so as to build a solid network in which change can be brought about.

I am looking forward to reading “The Incarcerated Worker” and contributing my writing and information to the cause. I am also looking forward to starting a local chapter within this facility. Any books, statistical information, or materials or zines that will better assist me in explaining why this organization is needed will be greatly appreciated! Question: How does one become a Delegate?




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