Mack calls for outside support for inside struggles


This is Mack thank you for what you are doing for our movement.

I would like for you to make me a card and you can use the picture off the website. You can also put my mailing information on the card. You can put up there that I am a male and they can call me Lacy or Mack because my whole name is Lacy Mack Smith. Here is a brief biography. I’m from Richmond VA and I like to read, play basketball and write books.

I’ve been politically conscious since ’96 due to the fact that I have had family that were in prison.

How do we stop mass incarceration? Well we must get the 65% law back on the books in all the states and we also need a law passed that will help first time felons stay out of prison by putting more hands-on jobs in prison.

For people who are on the outside I would tell them that what they are doing is working in some states which is good for the inmates.

I would like for the people on the outside to know that my struggle in here is hard without them helping out and letting others know what we go through. Like everything in here is about how much money the inmate’s family can give the state for write-ups and sick calls that you may never see a Doc for. I want everyone to know that on July 1st 2017 everything in North Carolina prison will go from 18% to 20% on our food and other stuff we may need, even our taxes are going up 20% and we have no way of getting that money back at the end of the year. And we are going to need people on the outside to help us with this struggle that we are in.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this movement. Solidarity forever,



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